What does it mean to Elope?

While the technical definition of eloping is "running away," it has a slightly more nuanced definition in wedding parlance. Eloping used to mean to get married without telling anyone, especially your parents. To elope may also suggest that you forgo a formal wedding and elope for the ceremony instead. In modern times, eloping does not necessarily mean running away, and some couples who choose to elope will inform their families before their ceremony (though not always invite them to attend). Eloping is favoured for its privacy and intimacy as it is just the bride and groom and their love for one another.

1 - Choose the best location that fits your vibe and vision;
2 - Chose the season and the date:

  • December - March: If you are lucky you can get a nice and snowy days. Otherwise it can be pretty wet and cold. Keep in mind that the days are shorter, it give us around 5 hours of good light to work around the pictures. Bring your wellies boots, rain coats and everything will be alright.

  • March - May & October - November: My favourite seasons! It will provide us the moody and soft light, at the same time amazing colours and sunsets. The locations are not that busy, as the tourist season hasn’t started yet, or is winding down.

  • June - September - SUMMER TIME, YEEES! Also my favourite season. High temperatures means hard light, deep shadows and places packed with tourist, so keep in mind that you may need some extra minutes driving to get in to some locations.

3 - Book your flights and rent a car;
4 Apply for you marriage license;

The weather on the Irish West Coast can be veeeeery unpredictable. The common joke in Ireland is that you’ll have all four seasons in one day. We can look up the weather app and everything is fine but then the next day, it could turn to a storm or something. But don’t worry, I’m happy to go out in any weather condition, are you?


Very important to note is the amount of day light hours is very changeable this far North of the Hemisphere. A typical winters day in December sees the sun rising closer to 9am and setting at almost 4pm. The sun, when it decides to challenge the rain clouds is low, barely raising above the sometimes snow dusted mountain peaks, golden and intense. You can expect large dark clouds rolling across the rain washed brown countryside with moments of pure golden sun. Nothing like a winter in Ireland will make appreciate those glorious moments of the sun breaking through the clouds. So, if you are thinking of arranging an elopement in the winter it’s good to know that no, Ireland does not get snow, if it does, it’ll probably fall end of January into February; that it rains, a lot, and I mean a lot, bring wellyboots! But importantly, don’t arrange a late afternoon/evening ceremony with the thought of taking pictures after, if it’s anytime after 4, there will be no more light. So best to get things early and we can work into the twilight.

On the flip side, come May to September it’s bright early to late. In fact in June it’s bright from 4.30am-11am, in fact sometimes it feels as though it never really did get all that dark. However, summer months in Ireland do not mean summer weather, it’s a temperate climate, meaning there is not much difference between the seasons temperature wise. You can still have a day in July where the temperature might drops to 12 degrees centigrade and it’s windy and rainy.

So, what all this reiterates is that the weather is very unpredictable. But it’s this element that means there is magic in the every day, in every change and shift. I have worked in storms and driving rains, and then in stone splitting sun. It helps to make every session unique. All I ask is that you are brave enough to embrace it and trust in me, and together we can create some serious magic!



The Cliffs of Moher are the second most visited attraction in Ireland. However, Luckily enough there are still a few secret spots where it’s not that busy, but do require a little bit of walking and jumping fences. Nothing really hard, I promise! The road to the Cliffs is typically Irish, narrow, potholed, and the locals are sometimes a little too confident, so it might seem a little daunting if it’s your first time driving in Ireland, but the scenery is one of a kind, so just take your time and enjoy the views. We’ll arrange a time that you are comfortable with and don’t feel under any pressure. The Cliffs lie to the south of Co. Clare’s beautiful Burren mountains, so the drive in an of itself is pretty spectacular.

Geroid_&_Sara_Wedding Story-1.jpg

As these are the largest cliffs in Europe a few practicalities are worth pointing out. The wind can reach storm force at times, so be ready to get your hair whipped! I will never ask you to go close to the edge and where we go is safe but these cliffs are huge so caution is always needed. The Atlantic Ocean is unrelenting and therefore the weather is extremely changeable, so bring a rain coat, dry socks (!), a towel, welly boots… maybe just an entire change of clothes, haha! There may even be a sneaky flask of the golden stuff for some dutch courage.

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Elopement Photographer Ireland

Connemara, or Chonemara as gaeilge, which is important to note as it is a large gaelthact , which means the primary language spoken is Gaeilge/Irish, is a large swath of ancient landscapes the west coast of Ireland. From white coral beaches, crystal blue waters to gently undulating mountains, hidden abbeys that give Hogwarts a run for it’s money, seemingly endless numbers of multicoloured sheep, and easily some of the best pints of Guinness in the country. Connemara has a rather bleak and difficult past which can still be seen in the landscape today, but it is this mapping of history that makes the place so unforgettable. You are walking on earth that has holds a thousand tales. It is old and it is wise, it forces you to slow down and go with the rhythms of its charms.


It is a largely rural area, with Galway being the largest closest town, so while on a map it may not seem that big, and google maps will make it seem very accessible, the roads are not the most straightforward, but, lucky for you, Connemara is my backyard! Some locations can take 2 to 3 hours to get too, with stops on the way of course, so this is an obvious addition to the itinerary, and depending on the time of year can be a major factor. But if Connemara speaks to your soul as it speaks to mine let’s get the conversation going and make the magic happen!

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