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eloping in ireland

Sara & Gearóid // Alternative Wedding // Drummaan - Co. Clare

Sara & Gearóid // Alternative Wedding // Drummaan - Co. Clare

They dreamed a dream of being married in the Irish countryside, in the woods under the gentle dappled light of the swaying trees, next to the quietly flowing waters where Gearóid grew up, fishing in the softly murmuring currents. All the flowers, Sara's hair & make-up, were lovingly made by her bridesmaids and both families. It was a true family affair, a coming together of tribes for a celebration of love, music by Gearóid's Dad, the wedding celebrant their friend. Dreamy, right?

Chelsea & Derek | Intimate Elopement in Wicklow - IE

Chelsea & Derek  | Intimate Elopement in Wicklow - IE

They decided to have their intimate elopement wedding surrounded by the magic Wicklow Mountains. Blessed by the Irish Gods and Elements, it couldn't be more special. 

Eva & Chris // Mount Druid Alternative Wedding // Castletown, Westmeath

Eva & Chris // Mount Druid Alternative Wedding // Castletown, Westmeath

There were so many special details included throughout this day - like the fact that Brianna’s dad built their ceremony backdrop BY HAND as well as the flowers made by one of her friends. Love this Story!

Emily & Jared // Gap of Dunloe - Killarney

Emily & Jared // Gap of Dunloe - Killarney

"Important encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other." 

— Paulo Coelho

Meiry & Nycolla // Connemara Photo Session

Meiry & Nycolla // Connemara Photo Session

It’s amazing when the couple share the same love for photography as I do. Meiry is such a great and talented photographer in Paris and Nycolla a music producer. ( Yes, music is my second passion! ) And when she said that she would do anything for the photos, I got soooo excited to have them in Ireland. Wish I had couples like them everyday <3
This Connemara session was so freaking fun, we spent the day driving around Connemara, sharing good wedding stories, chatting, having wine ( Nycolla, not myself! =X ) and running around like crazy people .
Thank you for having me guys. Hope to see you again soon <3

Gloria & Taylor // Cliffs of Moher Elopement //

Gloria &amp; Taylor // Cliffs of Moher Elopement //

These two came to Ireland to elope, without telling anyone, keeping the day truly special between just the two of them and their family. (And I was honored and lucky enough to have been chosen to document their story and love and tag along.) Their elopement encompassed every single reason why I LOVE to document elopements and feel like more couples should elope if that is what their hearts are telling them. The day was completely theirs, they did everything they wanted their way, loved on each other with no distractions, committed their love to one another, and then went on an adventure afterward. It was completely magical.

Gloria and Taylor came to me with an idea in hand, a day they envisioned, and knowing that they were going to get married in the Cliffs of Moher. We worked together to come up with their itinerary for the day, I made sure to create something with some of the best spots in the area and wanted to make sure to have fun. One of the benefits of hiring a photographer who knows the area is that we know where to go, what is dangerous, what is not going to be busy, best times to go to locations, etc. They put their full faith in me and let me lead the adventure.
Thanks for sharing your story with me <3

Jess & Colin // Connemara // Elopement Story

Jess &amp; Colin // Connemara // Elopement Story

They rented an Airbnb in the middle of the Connemara mountains, Jess and Colin both got ready together that morning. From the handmade dress, to the hidden spot by the “lonely” tree, to their sunset photos. The entire day was magic.

Martine & Quentin // Connemara Photo Session //

Martine &amp; Quentin // Connemara Photo Session //

One of my favorite places in Ireland is Connemara and this session is especially close to our hearts, After their long journey for few months in the other side of the world, share the day with this couple was incredible and inspiring. 
I love capturing the real stuff--the awkward laughing, inside jokes, and the way couples naturally fall into each other--without the poses and direction we typically give. These two were candid & honest with us. Going from sweet cuddling to making fun of each other all within the same breath, which felt so real. These two are fun, and sweet, and silly, and weird, all wrapped up into one. Basically, my favorite kind of people.
Next time in Canada, maybe? haha
Best of luck on your new journey guys... <3

Rachel & Nathan // Dublin Elopement Wedding //

Rachel &amp; Nathan // Dublin Elopement Wedding //

"Happiness is everywhere and we have to do our best to capture it. It's something I have to do. It's what I have to set out to do, It's my leitmotiv, my obsession. On a wedding day, my only focus is the couple. I'm a photographer attracted by the human. These words, these sentences accompany me permanently during these days that I share with my couples."

I could write lines and lines and still I would not have enough space to describe how wonderful it was to write this story right in the hearth of Dublin - Ireland. 
I don't know which part of that cloudy day moved me most. Their love, so visible through my lens or all their "carinho" and happiness with family and friends. They came all the way from Texas to make Ireland even more beautiful and special. <3
Those are the kind of moments that everyone should experience in their lives...