Hey, I’m Ro

Hello! Welcome to my world. Pedro here, and I have the privilege to be able to follow my passion and call myself a photographer.
I am a storyteller. I try to find the unseen tales, the magic that is sometimes hidden in the world around us. I like to think, that in what seems the most mundane of moments is hidden, a treasure to be told.  

If you're looking for a traditional wedding photographer, with loads of posed photos, I will admit I may not be the right photographer for your wedding day. My speciality is in creating honest, and natural visual narratives of your wedding day or your engagement photos.

I know how daunting standing in front of a camera can be, but that is why I will do my best to put you at ease. I have loads of tips and encouragements to give you in case you get shy in front of my camera. Remember, you're not there for me, I'm there for you: to document your love. The objective of my photos is not to have just pretty pictures. It is to capture an exciting stage, an unforgettable day and those intangible moments in your life. So forget the photos, and focus on enjoying the day.